Hyderabad, Telangana
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About Us

The Dose

Conceptualized and conceived in Hyderabad, Dose strongly believes that some experiences shouldn’t be restricted to only a set of people. Hence, we bring the coffee and cafe culture closer to every nook and corner of Telugu states where there’s an unreasonable gap because of the cost.
Within 3 years, we want to seep into the market, build a solid customer base, create a new cafe culture and disrupt the industry.

The curious case of
Coffee and Cafe culture!

To feel ready to face the day, to stay focused and energized at work, to make conversations on a date, or to just relax, the warmth of coffee just sets the tone perfectly.
Such a comforting beverage is distanced from most of us in the name of exclusivity and unaffordability. It’s difficult to find an average person from a village or town in a cafe, sipping a steaming hot coffee. Can this situation be overturned?

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Worked Hours
Our Philosophy

Mood, Need & Agenda

We curate our customer’s mood first with an inviting ambience, then provide him with his need with the highest quality food at an affordable price to fulfil his agenda of meeting people or spending time with family or casual leisure time with utmost comfort and convenience.

Mission statement
Innovation and excellence in every aspect.
Uncompromised quality and standards.
Standing by our partners through any adversity.
Apart from providing the finest quality food and beverages in an uncompromised ambience, D’Dose wants to promote the cafe culture, build community and most importantly feed the mood of the customers.
HOW WE Do it?

We achieve that disruption in the market by going to the roots of the country with our progressive and franchisee-friendly model and addressing the regional flavour needs of people while being affordable to everyone.

The education of the younger generation and the exposure of the previous generation ascertains that people’s mindset and expectations too has evolved over time. We provide them with the quality of premium cafes and
the affordability of street vendors.


  • 40-50% of streaming platforms consumption comes from small towns
    Rural consumers constitute about half of India’s internet users
  • Change in the thinking of people because of technological advancements and influences. (We can have visuals that show the below scenarios to underline the above insight)
  • When a tired young guy/girl comes home from college, he/she turns on netflix and opens Swiggy or Zomato to chill out.
  • When a housewife is not able to make the snacks, she opens swiggy or zomato to provide her family with their favourite food.
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