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Dose Express

Cafe for everyone


Dose Express Café Model provides a quick and fast self-service to our guest. The preferred location for this can be food courts, Metro Stations/Malls offering maximum visibility and traffic to the outlet.
Sq.ft required – 250-400
Setup – 7 Lacs
Franchise Fee – 75,000
Renewal period – 36 Months
Royalty – 10,000 or 10% (which ever is highest)


Dose Conversion Model is extremely beneficial to the investors with a minimal menu and easy to assemble and disassemble interiors, in the case of upgrading the cafe into an express model later or shifting.
Sq.ft required – 150-300
Renewal period – 36 Months

The Dose -

Conceptualized and conceived in Hyderabad, Dose strongly believes that some experiences shouldn’t be restricted to only a set of people. Hence, we bring the coffee and cafe culture closer to every nook and corner of Telugu states where there’s an unreasonable gap because of the cost. Within 3 years, we want to seep into the market, build a solid customer base, create a new cafe culture and disrupt the industry.

The Curious Case of Coffee & Cafe Culture

To feel ready to face the day, to stay focused and energized at work, to make conversations on a date, or to just relax, the warmth of coffee just sets the tone perfectly. Such a comforting beverage is distanced from most of us in the name of exclusivity and unaffordability. It’s difficult to find an average person from a village or town in a cafe, sipping a steaming hot coffee. Can this situation be overturned?


  • We adapt to the locality and discuss with our franchisee partners to add regional flavours and food items to the menu.
  • With a menu in the price range of Rs. 25-200, the Quality and practices, Standards of food processing and certified workforce you get at Dose is unprecedented.
  • We provide home-like hospitality to our customers that make Dose a cognitive and conscious choice for them.

Why franchise with Dose?

We firmly believe that our partners success is our success. Hence, we make a solid strategic plan to co-create the brand along with our partners and provide everyday support to eliminate fear in their minds.

Advantages of Dose Franchise:
1. Three franchise models to suit all entrepreneurs

2. Opportunity to earn 50,000 to 3 lakhs/month

3. Return on investment period 6 - 18 months

4. 50 to 60% gross margin
- No franchise fee (for the first year)

How is it beneficial to partners?

Every entrepreneur dreams of owning a business and running it successfully. He works hard to make that dream come true. However, businesses are never short of surprises. The risk we thought calculative might become adverse.

To be the supporting hand for such brave entrepreneurs, Dose comes up with assemble-disassemble store setups to mitigate the losses during worst-case scenarios.

He/she can shift/increase/decrease the whole setup with ease or sell it for a decent value.

You’re the first and firm believers in us and it means a lot

We want to support you in every possible way we could and fill you with the confidence and belief in the business and show you the path to success.

Hence, we offer you some exclusive benefits with our franchise.
 No franchise fee for first year!